Support FAQs

1. How does the warranty work?

Its very simple. Just call in and set up appointment for warranty repairs. Make sure warranty is called in within the warranty time. Warranty will have no extra charge if road service was paid for on the initial service. And if warranty is set up and our technicians get there and the repairs are not for the initial services, there will be a charge of $45.00-$99.00 and parts for services. And we do not cover towing cost. We will only go to location where services were paid for on first service. "Warranty will be voided if batteries has been tampered with."

2. What types of payments do we accept?

We accept all types of payment. All credit cards and debit cards will incur a 8.75% tax. For checks, we will need to preauthorize a credit card for sufficent amounts. And once check is deposited and cleared, we will release the preauthorization on the credit card.

3. How does on site road service work?

There will be a nonrefundable fee for this service. It can range anywhere from $45.00-$199.00 depending on how far you are from us. It is to help cut cost on towing charges and fees.